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Salt Lake City Furnace Repair

During the cool winter months, your heater takes center stage when it comes to home comfort. Heating problems often require professional assistance to restore your furnace or heater to safe, efficient operation. At Airworx, our HVAC specialists offer comprehensive heating solutions that include service and replacement of propane, kerosene, and electric heaters in Salt Lake City.

Common Heating Problems and Repairs

There are many reasons you may experience problems with your furnace. Knowing some of the most common heating problems and repairs can help you diagnose your heater troubles and determine when you need to call in a heating and cooling expert for help.

  • A lack of maintenance can take its toll on your furnace. If your furnace hasn’t been maintained or serviced in at least a year, it won’t provide efficient heating and is more likely to break down. Your HVAC specialist can perform a thorough tune-up and explain any required maintenance to help you keep your heating system functioning at its best.
  • Problems with the pilot light or burner controls can cause your furnace to fail or function erratically. A heating professional can diagnose the cause of this problem and perform any necessary repairs to ensure your furnace will activate when prompted by your thermostat to deliver the consistent heat you need.
  • In some cases, problems with your thermostat can translate into problems with your furnace. A damaged or aging thermostat won’t communicate properly with your HVAC system, regardless of the temperature you set. This issue can be solved by either cleaning or replacing your thermostat, which is a simple and low-cost way to enjoy more efficient heating and cooling.

Choosing the Right Heating Equipment

When it’s time to replace your furnace or heater, you have many options. You can either choose to replace your current system with a newer model of the same type, or install a completely different system for more efficient or convenient home heating. Traditional furnaces require gas, oil, or electricity to provide heat for your home; the cost of these fuel sources should factor into your decision when purchasing a new furnace. Furthermore, if you already have a gas line to your home, it’s easier to install a gas furnace than if you need a new line installed. Home furnaces are available with varying levels of efficiency. It’s beneficial to purchase the most efficient furnace you can afford—your investment will pay for itself in terms of greater energy efficiency for lower heating bills and greater home comfort. If you need help with your heating or air conditioning in Salt Lake City, please call Airworx today at (888) 393-2206​ for a free estimate.

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